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Film or Stream your event live online with professional Event Filming and Live Streaming services from Real Time Events

Your event is likely to be a significant investment for you, and by filming the event, you can be sure to drive additional value from this, crystallising key messages and capturing key moments forever. You can also extend the reach of your event to a wider online audience, wherever they may be in the world.

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Single or multi-Camera Filming

Real Time Events regularly film events using either single or multi-camera rigs, and this depends on the size of the event and the way you want to use the footage. There are many ways to film an event and we will advise you on what is right for you and the benefits of multi-camera recording.

Cascade Presentation Media

Once your event has been filmed, your presentations can be recreated in their entirety. Combining video footage of speakers with their supporting slides and videos. This is an excellent way to cascade your presentations on to a wider audience or perhaps to make available selected information, tuned to specific audience needs, This material can be distributed either on DVD, USB memory stick, via a web page or video podcast.

On-site Editing

Quick turn around is often the key to maximising the value of video recording. Real Time Events provides on-site editing for these occasions allowing us to film during the day and have your completed video ready for screening at your gala evening event.

Live screening

For larger events, live screening also known as IMAG, can be essential for involving the whole audience – especially those towards the back. Live screening will add focus to your speaker presentations and can be vision mixed live between slides and other video material, ideal for making sure all your audience have a high impact experience.

People love seeing themselves on a big screen – even if they don’m t always admit it! Beaming a gala event, celebration awards guests or partying straight to screen always adds a frisson of excitement to the evening and by recording this, you can capture the atmosphere forever.

Live Streaming

Real Time Events can broadcast your event live around the world, either through the venues internet connection or via mobile data links. If you need more than one venue linked up, this is no problem and if you need two-way communication between venues, again this is all possible. There is a multitude of ways to broadcast live and the Real Time Events management team will advise you on appropriate ways to achieve your aims.

Event Highlights

Maximising your investment is crucial to any organisation. Once your event has been filmed, it is a simple matter to bring together all the highlights of your event incorporating presentations, key delegates, VIPs, entertainment, awards and celebrations into a single event highlights video. Depending on the style and content of the video, this can be invaluable for sales and marketing training, internal communications, external communications or public relations.

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We structure each production to align with your creative vision, whether you require single camera coverage, or a multi-camera set-up with vision mixing and graphics. We can supply the right equipment with highly experienced, flexible pro-active crew.

Record and Live Stream:

Every  package is tailored to your needs and all include live editing and Full HD recording on site.
This means the recording of your event is ready for immediate use in the highest possible quality.

We are also able to offer on-site 4K recording, though any live stream would be in HD.

We are also completely white label and happy to wear any company T-shirt


Experience is everything when it comes to Live Events – after all, you only have one chance to get it right. Our dedicated team of full-time production specialists travel the country producing live events for our customers.


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Packages & Pricing

The packages and pricing below give an overview of our more popular services.

All options are fully customisable as no two productions will be the same.

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Single Camera Event Filming and Streaming Packages

From £400

Extra Options:

Multi Camera Event Filming and Streaming Packages

From £700

We use the Basic Multi-Camera Package as the starting point, then add cameras, operators and other equipment as needed.

The Basic Package includes:

Extra Options:

Live Stream Producer Packages

Have Your Own Team and Cameras but want a Multi-Cam Live Stream?

Hire a Senior Producer with Production Studio to turn your Multi-Camera event into a Multi-Camera Live Stream

From £500

Please contact us for a quote, to discuss your project or with any technical questions.


We only start the preproduction process (hiring equipment and staff, buying hard drives, creating video/audio/still images, etc.) once the booking has been confirmed.

For first time clients, we ask for a 25% deposit to confirm the booking.

For returning clients, we ask for a 10% deposit.

For emergency, urgent or late bookings made within seven days of your event, we require a 50% deposit to confirm the booking.
There may also be additional costs due to finding last minute camera operators, ordering equipment to be delivered with next day shipping, etc.
These possible additional costs will be explained to you at the time of booking.

* For same day turn around, Speakers Slides have to be delivered to us in the correct format before the start of the event.
We can help with this by providing details and instructions which you can pass onto your speakers.
May incur extra charges.

** For live streaming we require a minimum 10 MB upload
The internet is paramount to the success of the live broadcast and is the one factor we, unfortunately, cannot control or be held responsible for, which is why we recommend securing a fixed dedicated internet line from the venue.
We will gladly help set up the line and liaise with the venues technical team.
It’s essential we have a day to test the venues internet and carry out a test stream; any problems can then be solved directly with the venues IT team.

We are constantly updating and developing our services and website, and if you have any feedback for new features, please do let us know.


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